Read This Guide Before You Do Some Cricket Betting Online

  • Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021

You definitely do not have to be some sort of genius to know that Indians absolutely love cricket. In fact, if you were to walk down a random Indian street and ask some stranger whether they love cricket more than their whole family, we would not be too shocked if they answered in the affirmative. Okay, we are probably over exaggerating a bit there, but we think that you get the point that we are trying to make. As well as playing and watching this fascinating sport, the population of India love to do some online cricket betting. In the following article, you will find all you need to know about online cricket betting. You would be silly not to read this guide as it is full of great tips.


The Different Markets You Can Find When Betting on Cricket Online

There are millions of cricket fans around the world that enjoy making cricket bets, but what exactly is it that makes online cricket betting so popular among the betting masses? Well, one of the main reasons why sports bettors like to place cricket bets is that there are so many different markets for them to put their money on. The only sport out there that has more betting markets than cricket is football, meaning that when you are online cricket betting, you will not get bored.

Below we are going to take a look at the most popular markets that you can come across when you are placing cricket bets.

Match Bet

You can find a match bet market for all sports that you can bet on, and what you are trying to do when making this type of bet is predict the team which will go on to win the game. If the team that you choose goes on to win, then you will make a profit. If the team that you choose goes on to lose, then you will lose your wager. It is as simple as that.

Series Winner

Teams will often have to fly long distances in order to play another team, so it does not make a lot of sense to travel a long distance, play one game, and then fly home again. As a result, teams will often compete in three-five T20s, ODIs, and Tests, and each batch of games is called a series. When it comes to betting on cricket online, the cricket bookmaker that you have an account with should allow you to bet on such a market.

Match Score

When you sign up with a bookie and place this type of wager, you aim is to predict the number of runs that a team will hit in a match. The bookmaker that you have an account with will give you a number such as 357.5 and then it is up to you to guess whether your chosen team will score 357 runs or less (under) or 357 runs or more (over).

Top Batsman

When you are gambling online on cricket, you will be able to try and predict the batsman that will score the most runs for their team. This is not an easy wager to get correct, since the smallest of mistakes can see your batsman walking back to the dressing rooms for an early shower. This is why a best betting site for cricket will always offer great odds for such a wager.

Top Bowler

This type of cricket wager is pretty much the same as the one we have just spoken about, but the obvious difference is that you are now trying to predict the bowler that will get the most wickets for their team. This is another hard bet to get correct, which is why your bookmaker will always have good odds on offer for such a bet.

Player of the Match

When you go ahead and place a Player of the Match bet, what you are doing is trying to predict which player in the match will put in the best performance and get given the Player of the Match award. Since there are 22 players that you can pick from, this is one of the most difficult bets that you can make at a sports betting site. However, this does mean that the odds on offer will be very high. This is a bet that you should think about making when you are online cricket betting.

Dismissal Methods

Even the smallest of errors from the batsman can see him walking back to the changing rooms, where there is the possibility that they will have to stew on their mistake for hours before they go back out on the field again. In a cricket match, there are numerous ways that a batsman can get out, and these are caught, bowled, hit wicket, LBW, stumped, and run out. When you are betting on cricket online, you should be able to bet on how the next batsman will get out - the odds will vary depending on the method that you choose. For instance, the odds for caught and LBW will be lower than the odds for hit wicket as they happen a lot more frequently.

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India?

Whenever you are gambling online, you need to make sure that it is legal for you to do so from where you are based. The last thing you want is to end up on the wrong side of the law. The legality of betting on cricket online in India is a grey are to say the very least. Gambling, throughout most of the country, is strictly prohibited, with it only currently being allowed in the states of Goa and Sikkim. However, despite this nationwide ban on most forms of gambling, Indians can still gamble thanks to the many online sportsbooks that are happy to accept Indian gamblers.

So, how are Indians allowed to do online cricket betting? Well, it is simple really. The Indian government are still making use of gambling regulations and rules that the British put in place when they were in charge of India. Obviously, online gambling is not mentioned in this act because the Internet did not exist back then. Therefore, Indian gamblers are not breaking the law when they sign up with a sports betting site, so long as it is not based in India.

Keeping Your Money Safe Online

Nowadays, more and more of us are using the Internet to carry out financial transactions and purchase goods. However, cybercriminals are aware of this increase, which is why there are now more of them out there trying to steal identities, passwords, and money. Below we are going to tell you how to keep your money safe online.

Do Not Assume All Links Are Genuine

When you have to visit an online retailer, bank, or payment site, you should type the URL in manually instead of just clicking on the link. Do not visit such websites by clicking on:

  • Links in an email
  • Messages in chat rooms
  • Messages on social media sites
  • Banner adverts
  • Links sent by people who you do not know

Check the URL

When you are on a website that needs you to add confidential data, you should carefully check that the URL of the page that is being shown on the browser corresponds exactly with the page that you intend to access. If the URL has a random selection of numbers and letters, or it looks suspicious to you in one way or another, it is important that you do not input any of your personal information.

You should also make sure that there is an encrypted connection, and you can do that by checking the URL once again. If there is a secure connection, the URL will have “https” at the start of it, and there will be small padlock icon present too. Click on the padlock sign and take a close look at the SSL authentication certificate that appears. You will be able to see who issued the certificate and when it was issued.

Use Your Own Computer

When you are doing some online cricket betting and placing some cricket bets, you should only do so using your own computer and Internet connection. You should avoid using public computers and Internet to make transactions in places such as airports, clubs, libraries, and hotels. This is because these computers could have different spyware software on them which can record anything that you type on the keyboard.

Cricket Betting Sites Safe: The Safest Sites for Online Cricket Betting

Nowadays, us Indians have a wide variety of sports betting sites that we can open an account with to place our cricket bets. Now, the majority of online cricket betting websites will be safe for us to join, but there are some out there who have one main aim in life and that is to try and cheat as many people as possible out of their hard-earned money. Below we have given you a list of online bookies where you can do a spot of betting on cricket online without having to worry at all about falling prey to a cybercriminal. When it comes to the best betting site for cricket, these bookies are definitely at the top of their game:

  • Betway
  • Casumo
  • Pure Win
  • Spin Sports
  • Betiton
  • Dafabet
  • 22bet
  • Royal Panda
  • LeoVegas

IPL Predictions for Betting

The IPL is fast approaching and if you sign up with one of these bookmakers, then you will be able to place all the IPL wagers that you like without the fear of having any of your money stolen. Free bets are something that sports bettors love because it enables them to place bets without risking any of their own hard-earned cash, and the sites that you will find in the best betting site for cricket list above all offer plenty of free bets to their regular customers.

If you do want to bet on this tournament, we advise you to read these latest IPL predictions first!

What to Look For When Deciding on a Bookmaker to Join

When you are looking for a sports betting site to open an account with, there are a number of things that you should consider before you go ahead and open an account with them. We are now going to take a look at some of the most important things you should consider when searching for a bookmaker.

Check Out Their Reputation

When you find a sports betting site that you believe would be perfect for you and you are considering opening an account with them, you really should take some time to read a number of detailed reviews so that you can find out what some of their previous and current players think about them. If you see plenty of negativity, then you definitely should just click on the back button and look for another sportsbook to sign up with. Ignoring the negativity and registering with them anyway is something you will soon come to regret.

See Who They Have Been Licensed By

In order to operate legally, an online betting site must be licensed by an online gambling regulator. However, not all online gambling regulators are equal. Some of the best ones include the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curacao Gaming Control Board, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. If you see that a site holds a license from one of these regulators, then you can be certain that they have earned the right to do so. These regulators will not hand out licenses to anyone who asks, they have to be earned. Also, if you see an eCOGRA certificate, you can be sure that the games that are on offer are 100% fair and you do not need to worry about being cheated out of your hard-earned money.

Check the Odds before Registering

All bookmakers offer odds, but not all bookmakers will offer the same odds for the same sporting event. This is the reason why it is important that you take a look at a comparison site before you jump in and commit to any bookmaker. You should open an account with a bookmaker that has some of the best odds available as this is how you get the most from your hard-earned money.